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The Strip Stereoscopic 3D Full HD Trailer

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It’s a typical day in the work life of five employees of the low-end electronics chain, Electri-City. Bound by the constraints of suburban life, the ¼ mile of the strip mall and tedium – they, like everybody else, dream of something more. Meet Glenn, the harmlessly deluded store manager who loves his job and believes that his disinterested employees can be motivated with team building exercises. Life is status quo until he becomes intoxicated with the new manager of Sheila’s Fabric making him quickly unravel… Kyle is happy to follow his father’s life as he is being groomed to take over the Electri-City “empire”. But then he is captivated by Melissa and she starts to shake things up… Rick, a former high school basketball star, temporarily works at the store, while he is pursing a career in “acting”. Still living at home, he is not afraid to take dates back to his place, who are then treated to breakfast in the morning with his mother. Avi has come to the U.S. to execute his life plan. He has a great job and is preparing for his arranged marriage. When he discovers that the fiancee that he has never met is drop dead gorgeous – he is filled with self doubt and decides to turn all of his efforts into making a ‘stellar impression’. Then there is Jeff who coasts through life by doing as little as possible. Not the brightest bulb in the box, he gets himself in trouble with electricity experiments and playing around with his friends’ wife… As their stories interweave, egos clash and their tolerance is tested, the crew finds that friendships comes first and some dreams are not just not worth chasing. The version available for download of this 1080p movie trailer has been auto converted from 2D to Stereoscopic 3D in a side-by-side format!!!

Genre: Comedy
Director: Jameel Khan
Cast: Dave Foley, Rodney Scott, Billy Aaron Brown, Federico Dordei, Jenny Wade
In theaters: December 4, 2009

Download The Strip Stereoscopic 3D Full HD Trailer
The Strip Stereoscopic 3D Full HD Trailer (mirror 1)
The Strip Stereoscopic 3D Full HD Trailer (mirror 2)
The Strip Stereoscopic 3D Full HD Trailer (mirror 3)


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